Dr Jalauddin Akbar
Dr Jalauddin Akbar is a senior cancer surgeon in the Department of Surgical Oncology at MIO. He is the one who had done the first open liver cancer surgery in 2002 at Mangalore.
He received his medical undergraduate and post graduate degree from Gulbarga University and Bangalore University, respectively, and has MCh (advanced fellowship) in Surgical Oncology from the prestigious Kidwai Memorial Hospital, Bangalore. Dr Akbar is a highly recognized expert in surgical oncology and is one of the very few surgeons in India to have specialized in minimally invasive and organ sparing therapies. When compared to conventional surgery, the highly specialized organ sparing surgeries help in significantly reducing the physical pain and faster recovery without compromising on cancer control.


Dr.Jalaluddin Akbar holds two awards _ best paper award for gastric cancer and best research award for head and neck cancer



For more details contact,

Mangalore Institution of Oncology
Pumpwell Circle, Kankanady,
Mangalore. Karnataka.



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